What are the side effects?

What side effects could I get from treatment?

Treatment for Hepatitis C works well for many people. However, you can experience some side effects as a result of taking the drugs. Most people are able to manage the side effects of treatment successfully and your treatment centre can help you with this.

Nearly everyone on treatment will have flu-like symptoms such as: fatigue, fever, myalgia, rigors, arthralgia and headache. 

Less common side effects that you may have include: anaemia, depression, skin reactions, thyroid dysfunction, weight loss, retinopathy, hair loss and dyspnoea.  All of these side effects tend to become less severe after the first month of drug therapy and are treatable.

Other reported side effects include: insomnia, poor concentration, oral disease, nausea and post-treatment withdrawal symptoms.

Living with Treatment

In preparing for treatment, It's worth thinking about how being on treatment and the drugs involved might affect your life.

Plan and think about whether you'll need any help or support when you are living with treatment, your treatment centre will also discuss and help you with this. 

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