Assessment. Can I get treatment?

What do you mean by assessment?

Not everyone is suitable for treatment, so you will be assessed to see if and when you can start treatment.

The assessment process is very important for a number of reasons.  It provides an opportunity for you to speak to a trained supportive professional about any questions or concerns you have about Hepatitis C and for you to get more information about what treatment may involve.  Equally, to find out how Hepatitis C has affected your body so far.

Medical staff will examine you and run some more tests to see how the virus has affected your liver and explain this to you and answer any questions.

Why do I have to be assessed for treatment?

The treatment path is not always an easy one to follow. The drugs used to treat Hepatitis C are very powerful and have to be taken at intervals over long periods of time.

The drugs can sometimes interfere with certain other medical conditions you may have. These include heart disease, immune problems and depression.

Doctors also want to make sure that your present circumstances don't prevent you from attending the hospital appointments you'll be given. The success of the treatment depends on you keeping regular appointments, generally over a period of 3 - 12 months depending on the length of treatment.

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