Is treatment available for Hepatitis C?

Yes, The good news is that treatment for Hepatitis C is available. Together with a few minor changes to your lifestyle, you have a good chance of relieving your symptoms and finding a cure.

Is there a vaccine against Hepatitis C?

Unlike Hepatitis A and B, there is currently no vaccine available for Hepatitis C.

Progress is being made in the development of a vaccine to protect people from becoming infected with Hepatitis C.

Are there other new drugs on the way to treat Hepatitis C?

Drug trials are currently underway to develop new drugs  to improve on the current treatment for Hepatitis C but these remain a few years away.

For Hepatitis C treatment, the most encouraging next-generation of drugs are the oral protease inhibitors.  Their first commercial release into the UK market is expected during 2012 with a second release planned in 2014.

Oral protease inhibitors are intended to be used in combination with the current treatment for Hepatitis C.

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