Management of Hepatitis C

Management of hepatitis C

This area of the site details the recommendations for management of HCV, including assessment of liver disease, prevention of infection, appropriate supportive care, nutrition and complementary therapies.

You will also find information on the progression of the untreated disease in various patient sub-groups, guidance on monitoring, and working with mothers and children with HCV.

Assessment of liver disease

Recommendations the on use of clinical assessment, fibrosis markers and liver biopsy for HCV patients.

Prevention of secondary transmission

Advice on minimising the risk of sexual, family and IDU transmission and for workers in healthcare settings.

Progression of untreated disease

Notes on the effects of various risk factors on disease progression, including age, gender, ethnicity, weight, tobacco, alcohol, and HIV and hepatitis A and B co-infection.

Nutrition, supportive care and complementary therapies

A discussion of interventions that can support treatment and recovery.

Monitoring patients who are not receiving treatment

Notes on managing patients who are not candidates for treatment or who have been treated unsuccessfully and on the role of liver biopsy for the same.

Children and HCV

Information on mother to child transmission and the natural history of disease progression in children.