Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland

Hepatitis C is recognised as one of the most serious and significant public health concerns of our generation. By December 2006, Health Protection Scotland (HPS), estimated that 50,000 persons in Scotland had been infected with Hepatitis C and that 38,000 were chronic carriers.

Following an extensive consultation, the Scottish Government responded to the public health challenge with a comprehensive approach in the form of a two-phased Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland, launched in September 2006. Its aims are:

  • To prevent the spread of Hepatitis C particularly among injecting drug users (IDUs).
  • To diagnose Hepatitis C infected persons, particularly those who would most benefit from treatment.
  • To ensure that those infected receive optimal treatment, care and support.

The full text version of the Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland, Phase I and Phase II, can be accessed below.

Identifying people at risk

It's not just injecting drug users at risk of being Hep C positive.

Read about the main risk groups

Hepatitis C Scotland

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