Friends and family

This section is a guide for family and friends who want to find out about Hepatitis C and understand how to support a loved one who is living with the virus.

The most important point I stress to anyone when they get diagnosed is to please make sure you rapidly become as well informed as you can be - and make sure your partner or other close family members are as well.


It may come as a shock to learn that your partner, close friend or relative has a serious illness. But the more you know about Hepatitis C, the less frightened of it you will be. For instance, once you know how easy it is to protect yourself, you'll feel reassured that you can't catch the virus easily yourself.

However be warned, there is a good deal of misinformation out there, especially on the internet. You might find it helpful after reading this section to visit other pages of this web site.

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Action Plan

The Scottish Government has published an Action Plan to tackle Hepatitis C in Scotland

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