It is treatable for most people

Treatment is available that can cure or lessen the effects of Hep C. Read more about treatment.

It is possible to live a normal life if you have it

There are several everyday things you can do to make living with Hepatitis C easier.

A simple, confidential test can let you know if you have Hep C.

It can be daunting to take a test. Here is some advice if you are considering getting a test for Hepatitis C.

Our latest campaign

A new campaign has been launched by the Scottish Government to raise awareness of Hepatitis C IQoption review amongst the public in Scotland. The campaign seeks to make people aware of Hepatitis C as a cause of liver disease,  the type of activities that put people at risk of catching the virus, and that treatment is available in Scotland which can cure up to 80% of those infected.

A separate campaign has also been launched to raise awareness of Hepatitis C amongst doctors, nurses and other health professionals who may come into contact with people living with the virus but unaware they are infected. The aim of this campaign is to ensure that as many people as possible at risk from Hepatitis C are offered a test and, if positive, treated for the virus.

The awareness campaigns are part of the Scottish Government's Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland.

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Action Plan

The Scottish Government has published an Action Plan to tackle Hepatitis C in Scotland

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